We are not professional cooks, we just like what we make. However, we thought we would share some of our homemade and home baked recipes with you. Listed in no particular order!

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Cakes for Comic relief

What's it all about?

Supporting Comic Relief

The content of this website was first published in 2013 to support homemade bakes I made to sell to support comic relief. Upon each bake sale, the recipe was offered along with a link to the website so the contributor could make their own if they were so inclined.

The new website launched in 2018 has a greater number of items to bake including the ‘Red Nose Cake’ and the ‘Snotty Nose Cake’. Both of these are made with cherries and are nice to eat kids like the thought that a ‘Snotty Nose Cake’ can taste good! Or if you prefer why not try the ‘Hard Nose Cake’ (Coffee and Walnut between me and you!)

If you never baked before, give it ago, you might just surprise yourself and there is nothing better than homemade!

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Keep calling back, we will add more when time permits


Just looking for a pastry mix? Here I have listed a number of different pastry recipes that we have used to create pies and bakes on one single page.

Making pastry, especially puff, can be time consuming so using a shop purchased pastry is perfectly acceptable. Many professional chefs opt for pre-made to save time and for some pies and sausage rolls I do the same. But if you are a person that must make your own to call the bake your own these recipes will help.


Red Nose and Snotty Nose Cake

Red Nose & Snotty Nose Cake

Designed with Comic Relief / Red Nose Day in mind this is a Cherry and Almond cake made with Red / Green glacè cherries to resemble the Red Nose and a Snotty Green Nose!


Hard Nose Cake

Hard Nose Coffee and Wlnut Cake

Something else for Comic Relief, again a play on words. The hard nose is, in fact, a walnut. The cake is a Coffee and Walnut cake with coffee buttercream topping.


Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns

Traditional cinnamon and dried fruit swirl bun made with an enriched dough. Just writing this gives me the urge to go and make a small batch! These are rather nice with a cup of tea or coffee


Lemonade Scones

Lemonade Scones

The not so traditional but a must try bake. Lemonade scones are lighter and full of flavour and a great alternative to the tradition scone. The verdict is out which are nicer, the traditional or the lemonade? It is a 50/50 split so you will have to do your own blind test.


Eccles Cakes

One of my favourite treats is an Eccles Cake. They can be quick to make if you buy in the pastry. However, make the pastry yourself if you have the time and want to go the extra mile.

The traditional Lancashire Eccles Cake recipe is based on a recipe from a Lancashire bakery.



Butter croissant, light fluffy French breakfast bread. Nice on their own, with coffee and jam if you prefer. You can also make a savoury version using a cheese and ham filling.


Bread & Rolls

If you have never made bread then please give this a go. A fresh loaf from the oven fills the house will nice smells and a crusty white loaf made in a tin or shaped to your choice goes down well with all that love bread.


Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is coming back into fashion and many artisan breads use a sourdough starter to make the bread rise rather than using a live yeast or instant yeast. However, unless you bake bread on a regular basis then you may find the upkeep of the starter a bit of a chore. Some bakers have starters that are years old, using part each day to make bread and then adding more ingredients back into the starter to keep it alive and to make more bread.


French Bread / Baguettes

Baguettes or sometimes referred to as French Bread here in the UK. Freshly baked and eaten for lunch, nothing could be better.


Onion and Rosemary Pretzel Knot Rolls

These rolls are well worth the effect needed to make them. They are full of flavour and excellent will cheese or hame. Once tried, you will make them again. The rolls are soft inside and slightly sweet, as you would expect from this flavoursome bread.


Hot X Buns

Spiced fruit bun with the traditional cross on top. These are made with dried fruit, spice and apple. They are nice eaten on their own, with butter or toasted like a teacake.


Fruit Loaf

A fruit loaf is lovely sliced and toasted with a generous amount of butter! This is a nice alternative to a fruit bun or tea cake.



Norwegian, swirl spice bun similar to a Chelsea bun but thinner, Traditional and our version. This was a top seller when raising funds for Comic relief in 2013 and remain a firm favourite with all that have tried one.


Chocolate & Almond Brownies

Soft gooey, chocolate squares, great on their own or with ice cream! What can I say, these are just moorish but not great for the waistline!


Luxury Flapjacks

The Basic flapjack doesn’t have nuts, cherries, dried fruit or chocolate, so feel free to leave these out if you just want a basic mix. The luxury version however, has an explosion of flavour and texture but are rich.


Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle

A classic lemon drizzle is lovely for an afternoon tea on a summers day. This fresh, moist, lemon zest, lemon floured cake is a popular cake loved by all.


Tomato, Onion and Cheese Rolls

When you have made a bread, you may want to experiment with flavours and these softer rolls flavoured with tomato, red onion and cheese might be a good start. Nice with cured ham or just butter with soup


Date and Walnut Bread

Artisan bread, i.e. bread with added nuts, fruits, berries or spices is becoming quite popular. Rather than think of bread to make sandwiches, think of this type of bread that you might serve with a ploughman’s lunch or bowl of soup not necessarily to make a cheese or a cold meat sandwich. This bread is nice on its own or just buttered and eaten alongside a starter meal or lunch.


Fruit Scones

Fruit Scones

The Traditional Fruit Scone. Lovely with jam, butter or clotted cream. And easy and quick to make a recipe that you will love.


Bran Loaf

Bran Loaf

Health conscious fruit loaf, no egg, no butter, reduced sugar great alternative to an energy bar. Traditional recipe and luxury recipe with added nuts and cherries. This is a moist cake and will last if kept wrapped. So a slice a day will last you a week and a great on the go cake to have when you are busy and in need of a bit of energy.


Herman Friendship Cake

This is a cake made for sharing but not as you may expect. You make a starter mixture divide into four. You bake one cake using one quarter and give the remain three quarters to three friends to make their own cake.  This is a time-consuming cake and different in many ways


Apple Tarte Tatin

The French apple tarts! Made with a sugar syrup, apples and puff pastry. You can also make the tart using other fruits such as Pears or Apricots. Nice served with cream or ice cream


Jam Doughnuts

Feb up with poor quality jam in your doughnuts? Then why not make some! You can then choose your own filling. Maybe blackberry, apricot or custard filling



When it comes too easy then this is one for you. Pavlova makes a nice sweet dessert and can be made into an Eton Mess.



Okay, these are cheap to buy but worth a go making your own. Best served toasted with butter and sometimes jam. These may not be something you make as a regular bake, however, if you can’t get to the shops why not have a go!


Apple / Apple and Cinnamon Pie

An old Sunday lunch dessert favourite but still goes down well. Shortcrust butter pastry filled with a tangy dessert apple, sugar and cinnamon or just leave the cinnamon out if this isn’t to your taste.


Focaccia Bread

This traditional Italian bread is a good accompaniment to lots of Italian or Italian style dishes. Easy to make and we love it with a nice bowl of tomato soup. Lovely straight from the oven with a drizzle of olive oil.


Sausage Rolls

Well, when it comes to pies, pastries and sausage rolls it can sometimes be difficult to find good quality ones in the large Supermarket outlets and let’s face it when a sausage roll is good who doesn’t like them.


Russian Fish Pie

This may not sound great but believe me, this is one of my favourite pies to eat. Made with puff pastry, smoked haddock, parsley sauce and hard-boiled eggs! Serves four and nice with salad and new potatoes



A rascal is basically an orange, cinnamon scone with cherry and almond. Not quite a bun not quite a scone, but nice with a cup of tea. These little things have eyes made from cherries and teeth made from blanched almonds. They look great and taste lovely!



Well, a pasty is all about the filling and how you crimp it isn’t it? Well, yes, it is, but here is my version, not so traditional but nice all the same. Made with a Shortcrust pastry, beef, potato, and turnip! Also see David's Pasties an alternative receipe!


David's Pasties

I have two Pasty recipes on this website, but this is my preferred recipe. Easy and cheap to make!


Pizza Dough / Pizza Toppings

Do you like a deep pan or thin crust? Well, the dough is made the same way. A good choice of toppings including a spicy beef, and good mozzarella cheese. Once you make your own, you may not buy another again.


Suet Crust Steak and Kidney Pudding

Steak and Kidney Pudding is one of those nice warming winter dishes. This is an easy thing to make but time-consuming to cook.


Scotch Pies

Traditional Scotch Pies made with Mutton, Lamb or Lamb/Beef combo. Hot-crust pastry. Easy to make but gone in seconds!


Mums egg and bacon pie!

Isn’t that a quiche!! NO! It is mum’s egg and bacon pie. An easy pie to make with few ingredients. It contains no Cheese! But it does have a lid (pastry top to you and me).

This is a lovely summer dish, perfect with salad and boiled new potatoes.

Additional recipes for:

Chicken and Mushroom | Minced Beef, Onion and Peas | Cheese and Onion

Non Baking Recipes

Savoury Pancakes

Everyone enjoyed a savoury pancake for dinner? Many may remember the ‘Findus Savoury Pancakes’ that are still available in the shops to buy. But ever thought of making them?

Here is my version with a few different fillings.

Additional Fillings:

Smoked Bacon and Cheese | Minced Beef, Onion and Peas | Chicken with Mushroom or Sweetcorn



Thank you from all of us!

Red Noses

Bakers and Tasters!!

We all like to cook but tasting is the best!

David King

David King

David King, home baker, cook and writer of recipes and web developer of this website.
David King

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence, home baker, cook and writer of recipes based in Australia.
Susan Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence, based in Australia, taster. Well someone has to do it!
Richard Lawrence

Janet Baker

Janet Baker

Janet Baker, taster. Sold lots of homemade bakes to raise money for Comic Relief!
Janet Baker

Comic Relief Bakes
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“Only a small amount raised. But thank you to all that purchased a slice of cake, a scone or bun!”
“They look yum! My version of the Finnish Schillingbollen cinnamon bun”
Buttered Croissants
“What could be nicer with a mug fresh coffee other than a homemade butter croissant!”


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