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General information about cookies on this website

All of the cookies on this website do not record personal information as regards your name address etc. They are used to help us understand how engaging the website pages. It allows us, in some cases to adjust some pages so that you are presented with the most relevant page based on your search.

All of these cookies can be blocked within your web browser settings.

Google Analytics

Cookie: UA-74088129-x

We use a page tracking cookie to show us pages viewed on the website. This cookie records IP address to track movements around the website. It allows us to keywords used within Google to find webs pages and to help use format pages so the best page is displayed upon your search. It doe not indicate you personally.

It also gives us information if old index pages are still trying to be viewed and if there any broken internal or external page links on the website. It also records the use of internal searches used and will display results on the website.

Microsoft Bing

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Used to update the Bing web browser and index web pages on the Bing search engine. Like Google is also a page tracking cookie. No personal data is recorded or used.


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Yandex is used to index the website and all of its content. This allows you to easily find articles, pdf, images and video that may be on this website. Indexing helps you as a user find what you are looking for easier


Cookie: '10757955' 'eb1ded4b'

The StatCounter Cookie again tracks visitors to this website. It recalls IP address and provides information about your visit. It will show if you are a returning visitor to the website a new viewer, the pages you have visited and the length of stay. It will also show links used to exit pages both internal or external. This cookie will or show the screen resolution used, OS, and search engine that you may have used to find pages. It will also show external links used to this website. It does not show Google search keywords and does not record personal information.

UK and EU Privacy 25th May 2018

If you email us directly or use one of the mail forms on this website the detail you provide is used for the correspondence purposes only. The details you may provide name, email and on some occasions, your telephone number will be stored in order to provide you with information relating to your enquiry/subsequence enquires. By emailing us you give us permission to retain this information for this purpose.

We do not sell or pass on your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Third Party Websites

We are not responsible for the use of third party websites linked to this website. Please see their own cookies and EU privacy Policies.

Do we sell cookie information?

NO! Please be assured that information from the StatCounter is for use only and the information it provides is not sold or seen by others.

Can I block cookies from this site?

The simple answer is yes. There is a number of this you can do. Firstly you can view your own PC setting internet option and browser setting. The internet options settings can be found on Windows PC’s by going to the Control panel/internet options. Select Privacy / Advanced and you can then change the Cookies from the general default to accept to prompt. Please be aware some sites (Not may require you to accept cookies in order for the site to run correctly. Browser setting can be changed by viewing opening the browser are selecting the setting. In most cases the browser will look directly at the internet options you have already set however you may find one or two extra options here and this will depend on the browser you use. uses StatCounter to record viewer visits and by changing your setting you can block many programs like this. Websites don’t have to display hit rates but that doesn’t mean that they are not running a StatCounter in the background. If you feel you would like to remove your PC from being recorded by StatCounter you can by following this link button below. More information about Cookies and how and why they are used can be found here: New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) Information Commissioners Office (ico)


This site is copyrighted to David King. No part of this website can be reproduced without consent of the owner. Graphics and photographs are the copyright of David King and or /  Link graphics and logos to their respected owners.

You may copy and use poster graphics made to support the sale of your bakes, however, these are not for reproduction on any other website. Please just add a page link to this website

Comic Relief / Red Nose Day / Sports Relief

This website nor its owner are not affiliated in any way with the charity/fundraising organisation Comic Relief. The website is designed in part to help support the organisation by providing simple recipes that you can bake at home and if you wish to use these to sell for a charity donation.

This website does contain links to the Comic Relief website where you can read more about their good work and gain other ideas how you may help support their charity.

I hope the website helps raise more funds for their Comic Relief / Sports Relief.

Comic Relief is an England / Wales registered charity No. 326568. In Scotland the registered charity No. SC039730.


Recipes | Bakes | Disclaimer

We are not responsible for the outcome of any recipe you try from this site or any website linked to from this site. You may not achieve the results desired due to variations in ingredients, cooking temperatures, typos, errors, omissions, or individual cooking ability. You should always use your best judgement when cooking with raw ingredients such as eggs, chicken or fish and seek expert advice before beginning if you are unsure. You should always take care not to injure yourself or others on sharp knives or other cooking implements or to burn yourself or others while cooking. You should examine the contents of ingredients prior to preparation and consumption of these recipes in order to be fully aware of and to accurately advise others of the presence of substances which might provoke an adverse reaction in some consumers. Recipes available on this website may not been formally tested by us or for us and we do not provide any assurances nor accept any responsibility or liability with regard to their originality efficacy quality or safety.

If you make any recipes from this website for others to consume either as part of a fundraiser or not, you will fully inform the recipient the contents of your bake. We accept no responsibility for your bakes, their content or the hygiene of your cooking environment.

If you are unsure about any bakes, please do not attempt to make or use them. It is your responsibility as regards your bake. Seek expert advice before beginning.



Comic Relief Bakes
Thank You
“Only a small amount raised. But thank you to all that purchased a slice of cake, a scone or bun!”
“They look yum! My version of the Finnish Schillingbollen cinnamon bun”
Buttered Croissants
“What could be nicer with a mug fresh coffee other than a homemade butter croissant!”


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