Please enjoy our bakes but here is the reason why I made this website

What is Comic Relief and why we support it

In 1985 Richard Curtis, Jane Tewson and friends come up with the idea to use comedy to raise money and change lives in Africa and the UK. On Christmas Day, Comic Relief is launched live on BBC One from the Safawa refugee camp in Sudan during Noel Edmonds’ Late Late Breakfast Show.

Over the years, comic relief has raised millions of pounds for good causes and much of their money comes from a large number of individual fundraisers. The fundraiser are people just like you who are prepared to give up some of your time to raise some money for a good cause.

It doesn’t matter if your young or old or what you do to raise some funds even if it is just making a small donation, all help.

So, if you really can’t face running the London Marathon or dressing up as a clown for a day then why not have a go at baking and sell what you make for Comic Relief. You can make anything from Cupcakes, Scones, Fruit Cakes or Brownies as everyone loves these or why not one of my special Comic Relief bakes!

Cakes for Comic relief

Fund Raising

In 2013 I set myself a target to raise £100.00 for Comic Relief by selling homemade bakes. Most of the bakes were sold to the nurses, doctors and staff of the Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester. Rather than state a price for each I asked for a donation. The staff were generous and help me to smash my target. However, you may wish to ask for a set price or a suggested price for each.

I provided all the ingredients to make the bakes and my time for free so 100% of the donations made went directly to the Comic Relief Charity.

I accompanied each bake with a FREE recipe and a link to an earlier version of this website so further donations could be made using a direct charity link to the Comic Relief donation page. Comic Relief provided the link so everyone could be assured that their donation went directly to the charity. This link has since expired however, there is a donation link that links to the Comic Relief Charity on all of the recipe pages.

Comic Relief 2013 Funds Raised

To raise just a small amount of funds by baking takes a lot of work and a lot of bakes, however, all donations help and although the total amount may not seem a lot, a lot of cakes, scones and buns were purchased.

The aim of this revised website is purely to help people start baking and hopefully you to will make a bake for Comic Relief in the future.

Comic Relief is an England / Wales registered charity No. 326568. In Scotland the registered charity No. SC039730.

Comic Relief Donate

Why not try some of these special Comic Relief cakes!

Red Nose Cake / Snotty Nose Cake!

Red Nose and Snotty Nose Cake Red Nose Cake / Snotty Nose Cake!

They are delicious! But this is a play on a Cherry and Almond Cake made in a loaf tin so it can be easily sliced. The Red Cherries represent the noses, but what of the Snotty Nose? Well not as you may think! Glassier Cherries come in a verity of colours, Dark Red, Red, Green, Yellow and more. The Snotty nose is just a Green coloured Glassier Cherry. For a great effect way not combine both Red and Green!

If Cherry cake isn’t your thing then why not try a Coffee and Walnut Cake? For purposes of this page I call this one a Hard Nose cake!

Hard Nose Cake!

Hard Nose Cake!

Hard Nose Coffee and Wlnut Cake

As the Name may suggest the hard Nose is represented by a nut! In this case Walnuts. This coffee and Walnut cake with a coffee buttercream filling and topping is lovely with a mid-morning mug of coffee.

Few can resist a slice or two when presented with fresh coffee, I know I can’t!

Again, unlike traditional Coffee cakes, I bake this one again in a loaf tin as you tend to get a few more slices and this will help when you are baking to raise funds.

Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns

My favourite bun and goes well with a cup of tea. The buns have proved a favourite with others and although they are a little time consuming to make. However, they are well worth the effort as any person will tell you that has eaten them.

Chelsea buns are made from an enriched dough and are floured with cinnamon, sugar and dried fruit, then glazed with an apricot jam or sugar syrup

Lemonade Scones!

How About some Lemonade Scones!

Lemonade Scones

Yes, that is correct Lemonade Scones made with Lemonade! These are really nice with a cup of tea on a hot sunny day. They may not sound as good as traditional scones but try them and see!

I also include a traditional fruit scone recipe on the website.
Rascals or should these be Scary Nose Cakes?

These are a bit like a spiced fruit scone made with orange, lemon, cinnamon and garnished with cherries and blanch almonds!

Even if you just use the recipes to make a bake for yourself and family, then that if fine, but please consider a small donation to Comic Relief if you find our recipes useful. Thank You!


Fruit Scones

Fruit Scones

The Traditional Fruit Scone. Lovely with jam, butter or clotted cream. And easy and quick to make a recipe that you will love.


Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle

A classic lemon drizzle is lovely for an afternoon tea on a summers day. This fresh,moist, lemon zest, lemon floured cake is a popular cake loved by all.


If you bake anything for charity it is also wise to provide a list of ingredients or better still give then the full recipe. This is to inform any potential purchaser of any items they could be allergic to.

Allergies to wheat, nuts and some berries seem more common these days than in the past and these can cause harm.


ChefHappy baking!


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