We are not professional cooks, we just like what we make. However, we thought we would share some of our homemade and home baked recipes with you.

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Cakes for Comic relief

What's it all about?

Supporting Comic Relief

The content of this website was first published in 2013 to support homemade bakes I made to sell to support comic relief. Upon each bake sale, the recipe was offered along with a link to the website so the contributor could make their own if they were so inclined.

The new website launched in 2018 has a greater number of items to bake including the ‘Red Nose Cake’ and the ‘Snotty Nose Cake’. Both of these are made with cherries and are nice to eat. Kids like the thought that a ‘Snotty Nose Cake’ can taste good! Or if you prefer why not try the ‘Hard Nose Cake’ (Coffee and Walnut between me and you!)

If you have never baked before, give it ago, you might just surprise yourself and there is nothing better than homemade!

Comic Relief Donate

Who Are We?

I am not a chef or professional cook. I just like to bake now and again so I decided to publish some of my own recipes for you all to enjoy and hoped to raise a bit of money for Comic Relief.

The recipes have easy to follow guides however, some require a little more time to make. But there is nothing better than eating something freshly made from your own oven. You can download or print the recipes on this website and if you like what you produce, please consider a small donation to comic relief. All donations help regardless of size.

Recipes on this website are posted by myself and my sister, Susan Lawrence. Although I live in the UK my sister lives in Australia so will seldom get the opportunity to bake or cook together. However, some of her recipes are great. In 2017, my sister asked her (ow adult) children what they would like for a Christmas present and they all requested a book of home recipes and although most of the recipes were not directly related to baking, I am told the present was a big hit! I hope in the near future she will allow me to publish her recipes so more people can enjoy her food.

One of Susan’s bakes is a recipe for ‘Lemonade Scones’ these are a nice light version of a traditional recipe and once tried you may find these are the ones you optfor over traditional ones. They are certainly worth a try.

In 2013, I raised a small sum £136.19. Thank you all that have donated to Comic Relief. Please continue to enjoy the recipes from this site and continue to donate.

Thank you!

David King

Red Noses

Bakers and Tasters!!

We all like to cook but tasting is the best!

David King

David King

David King, home baker, cook and writer of recipes and web developer of this website.
David King

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence, home baker, cook and writer of recipes based in Australia.
Susan Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence, based in Australia, taster. Well someone has to do it!
Richard Lawrence

Janet Baker

Janet Baker

Janet Baker, taster. Sold lots of homemade bakes to raise money for Comic Relief!
Janet Baker

Comic Relief Bakes
Thank You
“Only a small amount raised. But thank you to all who purchased a slice of cake, a scone or bun!”
“They look yum! My version of the Norwegian Schillingbollen cinnamon bun”
Butter Croissants
“What could be nicer with a mug of fresh coffee other than a homemade butter croissant!”


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