Chocolate and Almond Brownies

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160g Butter
90g Good Quality Dark Chocolate, 70% plus cocoa solids
45g Mascarpone Sugar
45g Demerara Sugar
1 Dessert Spoon Golden Syrup
60g Flaked Almonds
tsp of Almond Essence
3 Medium Eggs
80g Plain Flour
1 tsp Baking powder


Preparation Time 20 mins

Cooking Time 18-20 mins

Oven Temperature180c or equivalent


Brownies are pretty easy to make and easy to overcook! If you have a sweet tooth then you will love brownies. These lovely morsels are a chocolate delight, firm on the outside and sticky and gooey on the inside.  The version I show you here contains nuts but please leave these out of the mix if you are not a fan or are allergic to nuts.

Brownies are ideal to make with children and these have often been made with children to give them a taste of cooking/baking.

If baking for comic relief then added glacè cherries might be a good added extra. The one thing is for sure they won’t last long! They tend to be eaten fairly quickly, well they do in my house!

Serve on their own, with a cup of tea or, has a dessert with cream or ice cream.


How to make

Mix the flour, baking powder, eggs and almond flakes together in a bowl to form a batter. Meanwhile on a low heat melt together in a pan the butter, chocolate, sugar and golden syrup stir well. Take off the heat a leave to cool for a few minutes. Now pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl containing batter and hand whisk together. Pour the mixture into a lined 20 x 20cm baking tin and place on the middle shelf of a pre-heated 180c oven and bake for 18-20 min.

Brownies ideally should have a firm top but remain sticky in the middle. They are easy to overcook so check at the 18 min stage.

If you don’t have Mascarpone or Demerara sugar you can replace these with caster sugar. To enhance the almond taste more add 1 tsp of almond essence to the mixture prior to baking.

Once cooked allow to cool then cut into small pieces. This size will make approximately 20 mini Brownies


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