Mum's Egg and Bacon Pie

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250g Short Crust Pastry
3 Medium Eggs
3 Thick Slices of Smoked Bacon
Dash of Milk
Seasoning: White Pepper, Black Pepper, Salt and fresh ground Chill (Optional)

Pastry - Use either shop bought or see Pasty


Preparation Time 20-25min

Cooking Time 35-40min

Oven Temperature 180c



Mums bacon and egg pie.

Mum used to bake a much larger version of this pie for the family. She would make her own pastry unlike the version I show below and is you want the pastry recipe for this pie then look at the pastry page.

I reproduced this pie because I love it. Mum may not thank me for the basic pie she used to make for us as she made it as a cheap meal. However, cheap or not this is one of my favourite pies and it is simple to make.

With this recipe I have provided more photo’s showing each stage and process, including pastry crimping. So, if you have never made a pie before this is a good one to start with.

I suggest you first make it as shown and if you want to add additional ingredients when you reproduce it a second time you can.

This pie is a nice summer dish, served hot with new potatoes and a green salad.

If you wish try adding watercress into the pie as this does make a good addition but is its nice on its own. This pie servers two or three at a push.


A 500g block will make two pies if you follow my directions. Each pie will serve two or make two meals for you.
Egg and Bacon Pie:

Egg and Bacon Pie Ingredience


250g Short Crust Pastry
3 Medium Eggs
3 Thick Slices of Smoked Bacon
Dash of Milk (Skimmed is fine)
Seasoning: White Pepper, Black Pepper, Salt and fresh ground Chill (Optional)
(500g Pastry shown here)


Divided Pastry

First thing is to divide the Pastry in half and one of the two halves into two. The second cut to form a square as shown (1)

The Square will form the lid of the pie while the remaining (2) will create the base of the pie. This needs to be bigger because it has to fill the pie tin.

The remaining 250g can create another pie of your choice.


Important step is to roll the two pieces into balls. This helps because you will be rolling the pastry balls out into thin round circles

Rolling Dough 

Dough Balls

Rolling the pastry into a round circle can be tricky, however if you start by first pressing the pastry flat it will start to form the shape.

Start by dusting your surface board with flour and then use the larger pastry ball first.

pressing the dough flat

flattern dough

The rolling technique is different than you may have used before. The 500g Pastry block is just enough for two pies and there is little if any waste. Normally pastry is rolled out square and cut, turning the pastry 90’ after each roll but for this pie you will be using a different technique that reduces waste and will ensure you get two pies from a single 500g block.

direction of roll

The rolling technique used here keeps the pastry in a circle while it expands to the size you require.

Move the rolling pin in the direction shown here. The top moves round while the bottom effectively doesn’t. Move the pastry round 60-90’ after each roll keeping the pastry even and in a circle.

This technique may not be easy at first but it is used to create flat breads, and poppadum’s etc. But once mastered you will find this pretty easy to do.

The pastry should be rolled out slightly bigger than the baking tin.  As shown below.

Important: The tin does not need greasing. If you do you stand the risk of the pastry sticking to it.

Place the pastry in the tin flour side down.


measure the dough ring against the pie dish

line the pie tin with the pastry dough

Repeat to create the pie lid. The pastry lid only needs to be the diameter of the tin. Both the base and lid will be thin and this will help when it is cooking because you will want your pastry cooked though and thick pastry is more likely to have a soggy bottom than thin.


Remove the rind and the fat from three thick-cut pieces of smoked bacon. Cut the bacon into 1 x 2 cm pieces. This doesn’t need to be exact and then place the bacon into the lined pastry tin. You can at this stage add extra ingredients such as a large bunch of Watercress which works well however it doesn’t add much to the flavour.

cut bacon

place cut bacon into the lined pie dish

Now break three medium eggs into a bowl and whisk with a fork. Season with white / black pepper, sea salt and if you wish some ground chilli. I use a dried bird’s eye chilli from a grinder to give it a bit of kick but you can leave this out. Add a splash of milk. I tend not to measure the milk but I guess a couple of tablespoons and whisk all together.

Pour the egg mixture into the middle of the pie so it covers the bacon. Lightly fork the bacon if required so the distribution is even and so the bacon will be able to move to the top of the pie as well as the bottom during the cooking stage.

season and beat eggs

place the beaton eggs into lined pie dish

Once you have done this you can now place the lid on top. Place the pastry lid flour side up. If you have flour on the inside or around the edge of pasty base use a water damped finger to remove it. You need to do this so that the lip will stick firmly to the base. Having flour between the two surfaces may prevent a good seal.

Press the pastry lid and the base together. Use your thumbs to the inner part of the tin to form an initial seal.

place the pastry lid on top of the pie

pinch the pastry lid down to the pastry pie dish lining

Once you have pressed the two together go around the pie a second time thinning the edges and reinforcing the seal. Once you have done this trim the excess pastry from the pie tin as shown below.

place the pastry lid on top of the pie

pinch the pastry lid down to the pastry pie dish lining

pinch the pastry lid down to the pastry pie dish lining

The last stage is to crimp the edge of the pie. This helps keep a good seal during baking and also helps the releasing of the pie after cooking. There are serval crimping techniques, some use a fork pressing down on the edge however I think this method can make the edge of the pie stick to the tin. So this is the technique I use which is simple and fast.

Using your forefinger and thumb on one hand and little finger on your other, push the edge of the pasty with your little finger into your thumb and forefinger as shown below. Repeat this around the edge of the pie.

crimping the pastry using your little finger

crimping the pastry with thumband fore finger

pie ready for the oven

At this stage you can place the pie in the fridge and cook when you are ready. I suggest cook on the day you make it or not later than the following day. Before you cook it cut two 2cm slits into the top middle of the lid to allow for the steam to escape during cooking and also to allow for some of the egg to escape so you can brush the lid with the egg wash mixture before you cook it. Note cut these slits just prior to cooking don’t cut if you are leaving it in the fridge for a while.

Egg and Bacon Pie Cooked

Cook for 35-40min on a preheated oven 180’c, middle oven. Do not be tempted to remove earlier otherwise you may find the egg isn’t cooked through fully.


A couple of other favourites:

Here are a few other homemade favourites. Use the same pastry method just add a different filling.

Cooking times are different from the bacon and egg pie but all of these are nice and you pie tin will find some additional use!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie.

Cut two small chicken breasts and lightly fry in veg oil in a frying pan. Add chopped mushrooms and a nob of butter. Once cooked through added a desert spoon of flour and cook the flour out so it absorbs the any remaining oil and butter. Add 150ml of white wine cook through and reduce the liquid.  Add 150ml milk or cream (milk does work) and cook through and remove the pan from the heat. Allow to call before added as your pastry filling.

Egg wash the top of the pie prior to baking

Cook 25-30min 180’c

You can of course use tined Chicken with a white sauce like mum used to make but add four large mushrooms cut onto quarters to the mix.

Mince Beef, Onion and Peas Pie.

First dissolve two beef stock cubes in 200ml boiling water (OXO / Knorr or one of each)

Add 250g lean mince in a frying pan with a small amount of veg oil and cook though. Add one sliced onion and half a cup of frozen peas to the mixture and lightly cook through. Add the beef stock and reduce the stock slightly. Season with black pepper and chilli if you wish. It may be salty enough from the stock cubes but add more salt to taste if you wish. Allow to cool before using this as a pie filling.

Egg wash the top of the pie prior to baking

Cook 25-30min 180’c

Cheese and Onion Pie

Place directly into the pastry case, half a sliced onion and then layer this with 250g Chopped cheddar cheese (use strong cheese for this) add the second half of the sliced onion on top. Season to taste salt and pepper and seal the pastry lid on top. Cook for 25 min and allow to cool before serving.

Egg wash the top of the pie prior to baking

Cook 25-30min 180’c

Note: Egg and Bacon Pie requires a longer cooking time 35-40 min! If you remove at 25 min you will find the egg will still be runny


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